The Agreement Is Signed, and Payment is Already in escrow.

Do you Want it?

We got tired of the never-ending grind for finding and keeping clients, so we broke the marketing mold.

At Compete.Agency, you'll find high-quality clients who have an attractive marketing agreement in hand...and they're anxious to hire YOU.

All you have to do is win.


how Competitions Work

Marketers: Bring Your A-Game



Learn all you can about your Host, create your strategy, and get ready for battle. Fine-tune your approach as the start date draws near,  with a sole focus on getting the best-possible results for the Host. Want their business? Show them.



For the duration of the competition, you’ll go head-to-head with two other marketers (or marketing teams) to prove you’ve got what it takes to win. Competitors will remain anonymous, unless they're victorious.
It's yours for the taking.



The Winner is introduced to the Host, and the Agreement goes live. You'll also have access to all of the data accrued by your rivals, as well as their approach to the competition, so that you and your Host can really hit the ground running.



Winning, from the very beginning.

Imagine onboarding a new client who believes in your abilities, right out the gate. Compete.Agency exists to promote winning client relationships from the get-go... (which means skipping that infamous awkward phase).

The client is happy. You’re happy. And, that makes us happy.




Meet qball

QBALL had a successful debut on the hit TV show, SharkTank™, and wanted to multiply that exposure by dialing in on their Digital Marketing Strategy.

3 Marketers competed for QBALL's already-signed marketing agreement. It was anyone's game...  


Frequently Asked



If I lose, will it tarnish my reputation?

Absolutely not. Compete.Agency's goal is to minimize risks and maximize rewards, so every competitor remains anonymous unless they win the competition. 

Host | Competitor

How do you choose the winner?

At Compete.Agency, data is king, and will always dictate the winner. 

Host | Competitor

What if it's a close race?

There have been situations where it has been a close competition, but the data always reveals one clear winner. Data don't lie.

Host | Competitor

How do you find competitors?

This all depends on the Host and the type of marketing partner they want to work with for the long term. Sometimes a Host will prefer a local partner vs remote one; or perhaps a freelancer vs an agency.

Once we've defined what kind of marketing partner the Host wants, we get to work on our rigorous vetting process. If we can tell that an agency won't serve your best interest, we won't invite them to compete.


Host | Competitor

Is there a limit to how many competitions I can do at once?


We recommend that Hosts only run 1 competition at a time. This keeps the data clean and prevents any confusion or duplicate data sets. 


Most agencies compete for 1 Host at a time. However, we understand that marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes. If your team can handle it, and you can produce great results, you're welcome to compete for as many as you'd like, simultaneously.


As a business owner, what am I responsible to provide for the competitions?

The best competitions typically include:

  1. An enticing agreement for prospective marketers
  2. A good amount of high-quality, existing assets for the marketers to use, like images and videos
  3. Most competitions require access to Facebook and Google Analytics
  4. An easy chair and your beverage of choice so you can kick back, relax, and watch the marketing magic unfold.


Will I have contact with the competitors prior to the competition?

Scooter McGavin or Rik Buckets can answer this question.



Can't I just run a competition by myself?

Sure. It can be done, but it's a heck of a lot of work. We have refined our process and assembled a team of professionals that will do all the work for you. We find and vet the best agencies, organize and manage the competition, and analyze the results to ensure a fair and effective competition.

Host | Competitor

How is this different from an RFP (Request For Proposal)?

Compete.Agency's process is similar to a RFP, but so much better. We took the best parts of the RFP process and left the rest.

In our opinion, the typical RFP process isn't a good way to establish the best marketing partnership. Long, drawn-out deadlines; subjectivity/strong opinions that don't serve the business' best interests; and the sheer time and cost associated for the marketing partner are just a few downsides to the RFP process, that, with Compete.Agency we circumvent completely. 

We are all about maximizing results while minimizing risks. This means that . . . 



Host | Competitor

What if our partnership doesn't end up panning out?

One of the many reasons why we arrange 3-month agreements (as opposed to the industry standard of 6-12 month agreements) is so that both parties can get to know each other and develop a strong working relationship without the pressure of a lengthy contract looming over your heads.

In the unlikely event your relationship doesn't pan out, you're under no obligation to renew the agreement once the 3 months are up.




Still have a question? Reach out to us, let's talk about it. 

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