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Digital Marketing Tryout

Internal Analysis + Report, Starting at $2,500

Tryouts are for small businesses and startups that aren't ready to commit to a contract, because they don't yet have a legitimate digital marketing strategy in place. That's where Compete.Agency comes in. We'll research, design, and test digital marketing strategies for you.

At the end of our testing and analysis, we'll give you a report detailing what worked and what didn't. This will allow for you to make crystal-clear, data-driven decisions as you move forward your new Digital Marketing Strategy.



  • Validate your new technology or offering

  • Discover who your target market is with actual data

  • Discover what ads and messaging produce the best results

  • Tryout digital marketing for your business

  • Get a data report that you can use for almost any part of your business



Compete.Agency analysts will:

  • Vet your current marketing assets
    (website, brochures, ads, imaging)
  • Market research and prep

  • Our team creates 50+ ads for you

  • We run the ads on facebook towards 20+ targeting options

  • Our team of experts analyzes the data and produces a report for you.