How does it work?

What success means to you. More sales? More high quality leads for your sales team? A specific type of traffic to your website? Once you have identified what you are looking for out of your marketing agency. We host a marketing competition specific to your needs. 

1. Set a Goal

- Sales, Leads, Traffic…

2. Set a Budget

- Adjust according to your Goals. Do you want $1,000 more sales or $100,000? We know what it takes to get you where you want to go.

3. Find the Best Agencies

- This is where we really shine. We know the best of the best. We will make sure you have 3 amazing marketing agencies competing for your business. 

4. Compete

- Once everyone knows the rules and goals it is game time! May the best marketing agency win. 

5. Results and Analysis

- After a 2 to 4 week competition we analysis the results and award the BEST agency with your business 

6. Introduce you to Winning Agency

- Congratulations! You just hired the best agency for your business and you already KNOW they will do a great job.

Who are the marketing agencies that compete?

Our marketing consultants will work with you to learn about your business, your products, your services, and your customers. Then we will interview agencies that have had success with similar products, services and customers to compete for your business. These agencies might all be great agencies, but you are unique and your customers are unique so we just want the agencies to prove that they can bring you the very best results.