Starting at $500


You don’t believe that you can get a return on your investment in Facebook and Instagram Ads or you just aren’t sure how to go about it.

We believe that most business can find their customers browsing on Facebook and Instagram and we will prove that you can get infront of them. We are so confident in the effectiveness of targeted digital ads that we are willing to prove it for you. For a very small budget we will help you see and feel the impact of advertising and targeting the right people on these platforms.

*Not all businesses are a good fit for a this type of marketing and our sales reps will tell you if they don’t think you can get a positive return on your investment.


Before we get to work on creating any ads for your business, you will meet with one of our Compete Certified Agents. The purpose of this meeting is to get all the information we need to create targeted and relevant advertisements for your business.

1 Week | Prep

   We create 6-10 Ad Variations for your business with the following options for goals:

Get More Website Visitors

Get Customers to Visit your Location

Get More Qualified Leads

1 Week | Advertising

We’ll run ads that will directly impact your business.

We’ll make sure the right people are being targeted.

We’ll manage the timing and spend.


After 2 weeks of hard work from the Compete Team, you will have results to show from your ads and..

  1. Proof that this platform can be effective for your business

  2. The option of moving forward with digital marketing for yourself or hiring someone to help you grow your business.

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